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Mookaite Bracelet

Mookaite Bracelet

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This is a stone that taps into your own flow, encouraging a shift in energy and the ability to simply let go. The Mookaite Jasper Energy Bracelet is a warrior, helping you live up to your own great expectations. It helps you overcome procrastination by unraveling the truth that sits beneath your lack of stirring and motivates you to take the right action.

As a stone carved from the wild Aboriginal nature, Mookaite Jasper has a strong animal pull. This means that it is excellent for tapping into your spirit animal and encouraging you to work on instinct to intuitively find the right direction. Mookaite Jasper isn’t afraid of inviting you to plunge beneath the surface when it comes to seeking answers, both big and small. For those who feel out of touch with their gut instinct and lost in the throes of indecision, this stone can help to bring you back to a place of self-trust.

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