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Crystals with Dottie

Custom Handpicked Crystal Mystery Box - A Unique Selection Just for You

Custom Handpicked Crystal Mystery Box - A Unique Selection Just for You

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Unlock the enchanting world of crystals with our exclusive Handpicked Crystal Mystery Box! Each box is curated with care, intuition, and a sprinkle of magic to provide you with a one-of-a-kind crystal experience.

🌟 What's Inside: ✨ Hand-selected crystals: Your mystery box will contain a carefully chosen assortment of unique crystals that are thoughtfully picked to complement your energy and intentions.

✨ Personalized Affirmation: We believe in the power of positive affirmations. You'll receive a personalized affirmation card that resonates with your unique energy, guiding you on your crystal journey.

✨ Surprise Gift: As a token of our appreciation, we'll include a special surprise gift in every mystery box. It's our way of adding an extra touch of magic to your experience. The value of every box will be a minimum of $50 greater than the purchase price.

🔮 How it Works: 1️⃣ Choose your box size: We offer several sizes to suit your preferences and budget. The number of items and statement pieces included will coincide with the price guide.

2️⃣ Share Your Intentions: During checkout, let us know a little bit about yourself, your intentions, desires, or the energy you're looking to manifest. Our expert curators will align the crystals with your preferences.

3️⃣ Await the Magic: Sit back, relax, and anticipate the arrival of your unique crystal mystery box. Each box is a delightful surprise waiting to be discovered.

ğŸŽ Perfect for:

  • Crystal enthusiasts seeking new additions to their collection.
  • Anyone looking to explore the world of crystals and their positive energies.
  • Thoughtful and magical gifts for loved ones.

Embrace the mystic energy of crystals with our Handpicked Crystal Mystery Box. Unlock the secrets of the universe, one crystal at a time. Order yours today and let the enchantment begin!

 ***In the "ORDER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box please tell us about yourself and your preferences****

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