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Crystals with Dottie

Caviar Ocean Jasper

Caviar Ocean Jasper

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Caviar Ocean Jasper 2.4 lbs 9 5/8''tall 2 3/8''wide

Ocean Jasper with caviar-like inclusions blends the calming and grounding energies of Ocean Jasper with the metaphorical richness associated with caviar. The intricate patterns created by the caviar-like orbs within the stone might symbolize abundance, prosperity, and a sense of refinement. Metaphysically, this combination could be seen as a representation of emotional and spiritual wealth, offering a harmonious blend of tranquility and opulence. The swirling oceanic patterns of Ocean Jasper, coupled with the symbolic resonance of caviar, create a unique energy that may be associated with a deep sense of emotional abundance and the finer aspects of life.

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